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  • Memorial Urgent Care 14629 Memorial Dr., Houston, TX 77079 (281) 589-8500

    1 stars Posted on 03/25/2013 03:37pm

    I went into the facility and provided by insurance. It was a saturday and my regular doctor was closed. I knew my co-pay was only 10.00. They would not see me without me paying 25.00. Now months later and after insurance was billed they owe me 15.00. It isn't the money but the principle. Noone seems to want to assist. The local office is called Doctors express, the insurance lists them as Dr Milton Thomas and the number they tell you to call that is suppose to help is medquest. I'm not sure who owns them and know they could care less about customers or repeat service. I did get antibiotics for my sinus infection but he didn't give me high enough dosage and I had to go to my primary care physician 10 day later to get the right dosage of antibiotics.