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  • Grace Family Church 5101 Van Dyke Rd, Lutz, FL 33558 (813) 265-4151

    5 stars Posted on 03/20/2012 06:34am

    I have attended grace family church since about 2005 and totally disagree with the 2011 post. I know of at least 3 of the several pastors on staff that are degreed and concur with the most recent post that a degree does not make you a pastor, it is having a heart for GOD. This church definitely has a heart for GOD which makes it one of the most successful churches in the world. I challange that blogger to step up and and attend a couple of services and our GOD will use those lay people (as you referred to them), to also change your heart and your mind. The 12 apostles were not experts either and they turned the world upside down... In either case I hope the heart of GOD will open your eyes so you will not longer be blinded about what you think a church should or should not be. This coming from the same guy that thought that a church had to have stain glass and marble fixtures and alot of gold to be a real church. God bless you anyway!!