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  • Willoughby Taxi Service 34799 Curtis Blvd, Eastlake, OH 44095 (440) 942-3333

    5 stars Posted on 08/19/2009 02:43pm

    My friends and I use these guys all the time when we go out. Hey it beats a DUI and we can have fun responsibly. They have always been on time taking us as well as bringing us back home. I have tried some of the other cab companies around here and they are not very reliable
  • Lafayette Coney Island 118 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226 (313) 964-8198

    4 stars Posted on 03/06/2009 12:16pm

    The menu is very simple, the servers are simple. The food is quick and pretty darn good too. As a bonus I was able to score some crack right outside the restaurant!
  • Mama Catena Ristorante 711 Babbitt Rd, Euclid, OH 44123 (216) 261-1168

    5 stars Posted on 12/15/2008 07:06pm

    Kinda like going to your Grandma's for dinner. Very small & homy atmosphere. I had the special. It was served hot and fresh. Service was friendly and attentive. Their take out pizzas beat anybody's around and a a great value
  • Maria's Family Restaurant 22404 Lake Shore Blvd, Euclid, OH 44123 (216) 289-6421

    4 stars Posted on 11/30/2008 07:31pm

    Upon entering I was quickly greeted by a the portly greek hostess and shown a booth. Our waitress was a veteran with a thick greek accent and even thicker moustache to match!!

    The food was served quick and hot. Stavros, the busboy kept the water glasses filled to the brim.

    Good food, great greeks, and a solid value.
  • Waffle House 36333 Vine St, Willoughby, OH 44094 (440) 269-1716

    4 stars Posted on 11/27/2008 11:00pm

    The service was so friendly. The kind colored cook made my grits just like momma used to. My waitress, Betty Lou, had lots of make up and was VERY friendly. She accepted tips in her garter and kept the java flowing!!!