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    5 stars Posted on 05/31/2010 12:07pm

    Dr Ryan just completed fixing my entire mouth and I feel like I made the best investment ever. Although, my dental insurance maximum was only $1,500 (and I’m grateful for that), every single fee I was charged by Dr Ziegler was allowable by my insurance. I am 45 years old and unfortunately neglected my mouth for many years due to bad experiences with other dentists and was scared to death. All the treatment, including 4 root canals and crowns was completed in a short time and I never felt ANY pain! Everyone in the office was so understanding and helpful. They even helped me get it financed so I can make an affordable monthly payment. I have already referred three co-workers who are also very happy. Thank you Dr Ziegler for your excellent treatment and everything you did for me- you are the BEST!