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  • Great Wall Restaurant 4 Olde Eastwood Village Blvd Ste 203, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 298-1887

    1 stars Posted on 06/15/2011 03:40pm

    I'll start off by saying we've eaten here countless times, and the food has always been good, but the last time we ordered the chicken it was dry, tough, and very much like beef jerky. My husband returned the food and politely asked for his money back, and the usually-nice lady AND the entire kitchen staff jumped all over him. They were so mad that anyone would have the audacity to return their "good food," as they kept calling it, then the guys in the kitchen started talking about my husband in Chinese. The woman gave him a refund but mumbled something under her breath that sounded like she wished he'd never come back. My husband walked out almost in tears--he's too polite to have stood up for himself.

    Now we had NEVER returned food from any restaurant before, so this was a new experience for us. But the chicken was practically inedible and we didn't want to waste $25 on something that had to go in the trash. I say this because we're not the types to complain--we had to go out of our way to drive back to Great Wall with the inedible chicken for the refund and ended up with no supper for the night. It was that bad!

    We know that restaurants will mess up on occasion, and these people have always been so nice to us, so we thought nothing of returning the food. We actually would have gone back to the restaurant because this is the first time this has happened--all of our other experiences with them have been good...but we won't be going back after this.

    To insult your loyal customers is beyond unprofessional, and I still can't believe this happened.