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  • Geek 4 Hire LLC 325 Wise Ave, Dundalk, MD 21222 (443) 826-9558

    1 stars Posted on 05/31/2013 03:04pm

    Do NOT waste your time at this place. Took my iPhone there because when I dropped my iPhone the screen cracked and it couldn't find any service. I got a living social coupon to go to this place. I took it there Thursday at 1:30pm, they said they'd call/email be by the end of the day with the status. I emailed them at 5:30pm asking for an update since they close at 6pm. They told me they were still working on it and the techs work till 9pm and would get back to me that evening. They never did. The next day around 11am I called again for an update, they still had none and said they were still working on it and they'd get back to me. Finally called again at 3pm, they said they were "just about to call me" and told me the phone was beyond repair and could only give me 430 store credit for my living social. I paid $60.

    I went there to get my phone back and immediately took it to a place by my house to get a second opinion. They opened it up and told me that the guys at Geek 4 Hire basically mangled the insides. They broke things, did not place things back properly and left all the screws out. After looking at it for 15 minutes they said it's just a screen replacement and a matter of putting foam next to the battery since the Geeks broke the screw that holds it in place. ONE HOUR later... I've got a working phone again.

    Seriously, don't waste your time on Geek 4 Hire.