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  • Sherwin-Williams (800) 474-3794

    1 stars Posted on 11/02/2012 02:34pm

    I was the owner of a small business that had to be closed due to the economy. I had a small balance (under $300) with Sherwin Williams. I have been making payments as I could over the last few months. Still though, Sherwin Williams was calling my husband at least twice a week and harrassing him for payment. I finally called and told them that what they were doing was illegal (oh, BTW, I work for a collections agency), and the calls needed to stop. I explained our situation, let them know that we weren't trying to hide from our bill, and were paying them what we could per month. Today, I thought I was opening our current bill, and it's a collections letter. There is NO phone number to call and dispute this, and considering they are accepting the payments that I have been making, can not legally turn us over to collections. Way to go Sherwin Williams... expect to be hearing from the BBB.