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  • 14 & Up Resale Consignment Shop 200 7th Ave, Charleston, WV 25303 (304) 744-8525

    1 stars Posted on 10/20/2012 12:55pm

    Prices are way to high for USED! i can buy in stores and onine cheaper than I can here. I have shopped here from time to time, and found things I like but will only buy when the prices are marked down 50% and only if I REALLY like the item. I once heard her taking to someone about cosigning and she was NASTY with the lady and made the comment "Honey I can't take anything with stains, no holes or anything like that I only take the best" I got home with my one item and it had a huge hole in it I tried to return and of course no returns! The owner was so RUDE abot it and that is being polite. So since that time I very seldom ever go in there and very rarely buy anything. I wouldn't recommend to anyone :(