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  • Golden Gate 11058 Rennard St, Philadelphia, PA 19116 (215) 677-9337

    5 stars Posted on 03/04/2010 05:26am

    I am using this restaurant to have my wedding there in October. Great service so far. The invited me and my fiance to sit and listen to their band and eat their music at no cost. I have eaten there 3 times already at no cost, just because I am having a wedding in October. My parents were in town for the weekend and they allowed 10 people in to enjoy the music and the food. I had such a good time! The owner stopped by to chat to us several times and overall I am really pleased and can't wait to have my wedding here in October!
  • Group USA and Camille LaVie Women's Apparel (877) 867-7600

    2 stars Posted on 03/03/2010 12:13pm

    I picked out a dress in Grapevine location and wanted to buy it in Philadelphia where the wedding was this past weekend. I made an appointment a month in advance and really wanted my mother (who was coming to Maryland from Texas to visit me) to see it. I walked in expected to try on a dress and purchase it. When I walked into the Philadelphia store, I wasn’t greeted and had to find an employee. She asked me who I had an appointment with and I told her I didn’t know. They took all the information at my previous appointment and that they had the information. I found my dress on the rack in Ivory instead of white and showed it to the sales person. She came back with the book and the worksheet and said yes that is the dress. I had to ask her to try it on.

    This is where the problems started. They didn’t have the right skirt size 4 and only had size 20. I had to ask for a manager in order for her to go back and check for the skirt. The manger wouldn’t even come out to talk to us. She said that the manager was busy and couldn’t talk to us. How am I supposed to try on a wedding dress without the proper items like a skirt? It is an essential item that should have been ready for me (especially since I wanted to purchase a dress). They didn’t have anything. The dress didn’t fit right this time, because last time I had a corset and this time they had a 36C and called it a standard.. I am sorry but skirt size 20 and 36C bra cup size is not a standard! Especially if you carry standard sizes dresses like 2-20.

    The manager was really rude and said that I had to pay for the dress if they order it and couldn’t hold it. I am thinking of looking elsewhere…