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  • Youfit Health Clubs 3133 N State Road 7, Margate, FL 33063 (954) 601-1999

    1 stars Posted on 03/02/2014 04:00pm

    Youfit is cheap for a REASON: BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND MISLEADING THINGS IN THE FINE PRINT OF YOUR CONTRACT!!! The manager at ANY Youfit is basically a sitting duck, a "figurehead" if you will, for a company with sheisty business practices--whose finances are strictly run by ONLY the corporate office! LOOK AT THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU JOIN, BECAUSE THE MANAGER WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE AND PROMISE YOU THE WORLD! ESPECIALLY TOMMY PETTAS, THE MANAGER OF THIS LOCATION!! I was unemployed for some time, and had fallen behind in my Youfit payment starting in November 2013. As the result, my bank account became overdrawn due to their automatic deductions from my $21.20 monthly due, and a nice $10.00 overdraft fee to add to it. I was unable to pay what was owed, and the charges kept piling up. I did not get to go by the gym until January 7, 2014, to dispute the charges. Tommy Pettas spoke with me, and showed me my itemized statement--never ONCE printing up my contract amid my dispute. I verbally expressed to him that I wanted to cancel my membership, and he told me I had NOTHING to worry about, that the membership was set to expire in January, and that I would incur one final monthly charge for membership, and it would hit collections before any $10.00 late charge was tacked on for the (evidently insufficient) bank account they had on file. I told them my bank account had been closed since November 2013, and he told me I was still financially obligated for the year. He said there was nothing he could do, because everything was run from the corporate offices, and assured me that after the membership charge of $21.20, there would be NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES, and I would have fulfilled my annual membership obligation...that my membership would AUTOMATICALLY CANCEL OUT BECAUSE I WAS IN COLLECTIONS! Well, this was NOT the case! I went to this Youfit location today, March 3, 2014, to obtain my itemized statement and copy of my contract. To my SURPRISE, EVEN THOUGH MY ACCOUNT WAS IN COLLECTIONS AND I TOLD TOMMY PETTAS IN JANUARY 2014 I WANTED IT NOTATED ON MY ACCOUNT THAT I WANTED TO CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP IN JANUARY--I WAS STILL CHARGED ADDITIONAL FEES...a monthly charge for EVERY SINGLE MONTH OF 2014 was added to my TOTAL BALANCE OWED TO THE GYM! This infuriated me, of course, and the fine print of the membership IS an annual obligation--however, at no point was I ever informed that the membership would AUTOMATICALLY RENEW after January of 2014! I am currently disputing these charges with corporate via email, since they couldn't give out the corporate phone number (hmm...wonder why?!), and am utterly disappointed with the unprofessional manner with which everything was handled on the end of this location's management under Tommy Pettas, who now DENIES having said what I've expressed here, despite my having a DATED COPY showing that I was there in January 2014. Oh yes, and by the way--another woman was at this location at THE SAME TIME I disputed this matter today--so I am not the ONLY PERSON who has been on the receiving end of these sheisty business practices hidden in the fine print. DO NOT JOIN ANY YOUFIT LOCATION!! If you ever find yourself unemployed at any point, you may just find it isn't worth the money you save for all of the headaches and corporate-run financial mess that comes with it if you can't pay! BY THE WAY: YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED A BANK ACCOUNT ON FILE. They like taking YOUR money, even if you don't have anything, and your bank account on file is closed. But charging me for the ENTIRE 2014 YEAR WHEN I AM ALREADY IN COLLECTIONS AND WANTED TO CANCEL? SHEISTY! AND THEY WILL NOT CANCEL ANY CHARGES UNTIL YOU PAY THEM IN FULL! Just wish I had known about the automatic membership renewal. But I guess Youfit likes to thrive on incompetent and useless management. They deserve to go out of business.
  • Quest Diagnostics 505 N Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33062 (866) 697-8378

    1 stars Posted on 08/21/2013 10:52am


    I was asked by my employer to go and get tested at this location, and it has been nothing short of a NIGHTMARE, and it even cost me a Full-time job position! When I first went here, I noticed a patient come in and raise hell over a sample they had submitted, for which the person who collected it had never filed paperwork for. It was as if it never existed. I went to take my drug test, and the first time I didn t have enough urine in the cup. The cup they collect in was a lot bigger than at other QD locations I had been to in the past. So I went out for an hour in the waiting room, drank lots of water, and went a second time. Still wasn t enough urine. So I got serious, since I was only being allowed one more shot at my drug test. I sat by the water cooler and drank water non-stop, I easily drank over 20 cups of water within a two hour period. I went, I produced enough urine for the test, but this time the temperature was too cold. The woman still placed the label on my sample, and said she would send it in, but she didn t think they were going to test it. One week goes by, still no result sent back from the testing location. My employer says the site that took my sample never sent the affidavit to the testing place to release the results. I try to call the location, the phone is CONSTANTLY busy! THEIR PHONE NEVER RINGS, YOU WILL NEVER REACH ANYONE HERE BY PHONE!! So I went, toddler daughter in tow, to resolve the matter. When asked about the phone lines being busy and my employer trying to reach them ALL WEEK, and even me trying to call various times that day, she said the phone line doesn t go to her, that it goes somewhere else and she isn t responsible for it. SO WHERE DOES THEIR PHONE LINE GO?? The woman insisted the fax was sent, and after making me wait so she could help OTHER people, showed me the fax sheet. I then called my employer, who requested they give the fax number to them, to which she said she wasn t allowed to do. Another woman came to the front when my employer called me back with their testing location on the other line, and talked with her, with much hesitation at first. They then tried to justify their incompetence by saying my urine wasn t the right temperature, and that the test site couldn t test it, but then why slap a label on it and send it in? So my employer said they talked with the testing site, and had worked something out where they would be running the test and get back to her with the results...the test they were ALLEGEDLY not willing to do to BEGIN WITH because of my urine temperature! But anyways, come to today--Wednesday-8/21/13, I get a call from my employer saying that they rejected my urine test, and I am no longer able to be hired as the result of my urine being the wrong temperature. I went through ALL OF THIS, when the woman that took the sample from the get-go could have just called my employer and told her I needed to test again, that it was the wrong temperature! Even though I did not test positive or negative FOR ANYTHING, because they REFUSED TO TEST MY URINE, this counted against me as an UNFAVORABLE RESULT, and I am not able to be hired by this employer for at least another 90 DAYS--but what gets me, is HOW WAS MY EMPLOYER CHARGED ANYTHING FOR A TEST THAT WAS NEVER CONDUCTED?? I am still in shock that I CANNOT test again with my employer, and I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS, and this test site was CLEARLY INCOMPETENT! There was even a woman who came in when I disputed over my test results, whom they needed to get another vile of blood from because THEY DIDN T DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME! But now I have to lose a job because of their INCOMPETENCE and LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM! Find another QD location, but PLEASE do not go here! YOU WILL REGRET IT, AND MIGHT EVEN LOSE YOUR JOB OVER THEIR INCOMPETENCE!

  • Professional Business Consultants 7210 NW 43rd St, Miami, FL 33166 (305) 639-9940

    1 stars Posted on 03/08/2013 04:21pm

    DO NOT LET THEM MANAGE YOUR RENTAL PROPERTIES!! Please, just save your renters the headaches of having to deal with such an unprofessional business! They do not respond immediately to maintenance issues, promise to call you back and NEVER do, and then (on SEVERAL occasions), say they are sending someone out to your place and you sit around waiting and no one comes, no one calls to let you know no one is coming! They have very little staff to respond to maintenance issues, and honestly are spread too thin to effectively manage any properties. Oh yes, and do not be surprised if during business hours no one is picking up the phone for extended periods of time! But then again, don't expect much period. You will be disappointed.
  • Professional Business Consultants 7210 NW 43rd St, Miami, FL 33166 (305) 639-9940

    1 stars Posted on 03/07/2013 04:00pm

  • Benway's Taxi 666 Riverside Ave, Burlington, VT 05401 (802) 862-1010

    1 stars Posted on 11/13/2008 01:39pm

    I have given Benway's Taxi one too many chances. I highly reccomend Yellow Cab to anyone having second thoughts about Benway's. They always say they'll be somewhere in 15-20 minutes, when it's really half an hour--and they tell you to call half an hour in advance AFTER you're already ticked for waiting for your taxi. The rates have recently INCREASED, and their service HAS NOT IMPROVED!! Supposedly, they're really busy in the morning--but it's the same b.s. later in the day, waiting for a mofo taxi! Moreover, the drivers HATE the way Benway's is run, and are probably more frustrated than the customers because they have to deal with those mofo's every day, and get their checks from them!! On top of waiting HALF AN HOUR, you may have to deal with them picking up other passengers on the way to your destination, and may drop them off BEFORE YOU!! Even worse, they may pick up a fellow Benway's co-worker on the way to your destination...this really shows that their priorities ARE NOT with their customers, but with being STINGY and not considering the shyt customers have to deal with ON TOP of waiting HALF AN HOUR for their mofo cab. At least with Yellow Cab, they're never later than 20 minutes from your phone call--no excuses, no b.s. YELLOW CAB!!! YELLOW CAB!! Call 802-862-3300, it's better service and it's significantly cheaper!!