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  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue 31 Glendale Ave, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 505-3440

    1 stars Posted on 08/20/2011 07:00am

    Watch out for this place! Adopt from somewhere else, lest you want a broken hearted kid. I agree with the first reviewer. We got a cat from them and gave her a loving home. She was skinny and her coat looked terrible, but she was so friendly and my 4 year old son loved her so we picked her. We tried to make her an indoor cat only, but she was miserable just being inside, so we decided to let her be an inside/outside cat. An animal control worker picked up my cat and returned her to B. W. and the manager, " Joell, WOULD NOT GIVE US THE CAT BACK!!!! She humiliated my wife in front of at least 10 people, called her irresponsible and curtly told her she would not give us the cat. My son was devistateded. When I called to confront Joell, she told me that since we live near the Shiloh neighborhood, we could not have the cat because she has seen what, and I quote, "those people do to cats down there"! Can you beleive that?. She descriminated against the Shiloh neighborhood, and broke my kids heart. By the way, the cat had gained weight, her coat was beautiful and she ate people tuna 3 times a day. Our neighbors complimented us on how well we took care of the cat. The little dictator felt she knew what was better for the cat than the people who cared for her.