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  • Dr. Angela Lee D.d.s 50 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016 (212) 682-6802

    5 stars Posted on 10/23/2013 12:29pm

    Happy Dental is one of the best dental industries to go to should you need anything from a simple teeth cleaning to a root canal. Their highly trained staff, led by dentist Dr. Lee Angela, have worked together for several years in resolving tooth issues and restoring the structural integrity within the mouths of their patients. They're able to work with both children and adults alike and offer a comfortable experience that is easy and relaxing. If you need a place to get dental work done, Happy Dental is the perfect location to get all of your dental work completed.
  • Junkyard Jungle, LLC 615 East Houston St., San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 417-4242

    5 stars Posted on 10/23/2013 12:10pm

    I was looking for a transmission for my Mini Cooper and ran across this site. The folks at this company are friendly and will go above and beyond to find the right part. The transmission they found was cheaper than the dealer's used transmission and they sent it straight to my mechanic. The days of walking in the sun in a traditional junk yard are over.

  • Goldin & Khokhar 4641 Montgomery Ave # 515, Bethesda, MD 20814 (301) 913-0008

    5 stars Posted on 10/23/2013 12:07pm

    The Goldin Group has a fabulous website that is easy to navigate. Whether it is a new customer, or someone who is looking to seek out the group, they can find everything they need. The profile section clearly outlines the accountants that will be working with the client and their professionalism and strengths. It is easy to see what separates them from other firms, as they lay it all out for their customers to see.
  • Airbags, Speedometer Repair, Seat Belt Repair, ABS Repair 461 Elena Vista Dr, Winder, GA 30680 (678) 778-8890

    5 stars Posted on 10/18/2013 11:11am

    Thank you for saving me money

  • White Glove Plumbing (832) 380-5995

    5 stars Posted on 10/07/2013 09:55pm

    They were awesome plumber.They are reliable, responsible and totally committed to his work. When they says they will get something done, they does! No matter how difficult the job. I highly recommend him.
  • Yurovsky Dental 1831 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 545-1202

    5 stars Posted on 09/13/2013 09:02am

    I had stains on my teeth from smoking, and since smoking is no longer acceptable I wanted to get rid of the stains. After I talked to Dr. Yurovsky, we decided to install Lumineers on my teeth. They are like veneers, except that the underlying tooth doesn't need to be painfully removed. It only took a few appointments for the Lumineers to be prepared and installed. Now I have a smile that matches my healthy lifestyle, not my past.
  • Two Guys Autoplex 302 McGuinness Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11222 (718) 383-4808

    5 stars Posted on 08/25/2013 03:29pm

    As a classic car enthusiast, I enjoy purchasing older vehicles and fixing them up to restore their initial luster. After breaking a hip, however, I can't do the things I used to. When I saw a classic Chevy Nova for sale, I knew I had to have it, but I would not be able to fix it up. The staff at Two Guys Autoplex was able to help. They did all of the work I wanted done more quickly than I imagined possible without skimping on quality. It is a pleasure to know I can continue to collect classic cars with my disability.

  • Royal Window Treatments 180 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016 (212) 473-1111

    5 stars Posted on 08/25/2013 03:25pm

    I called Royal Window Treatment about a month ago because I needed a window covering solution for my home. I had recently purchased an apartment in New York but it did not come with any type of coverings for the many windows so I was in need of some assistance. The person who I spoke with on the phone was very professional and we set up an appointment so that the apartment could have window coverings added. Royal Window Treatment's professionals helped me pick out the right coverings and the interior of my apartment has certainly benefited from it. What's more, the entire process was simple and affordable. The installation tech did a great job.

  • Pacific Lawn Sprinklers LLC (718) 886-7300

    5 stars Posted on 08/25/2013 03:22pm

    One of my favorite things about this business is their guarantee to show up on time to your appointment or else they pay you $50. It really shows, not just their confidence, but their dependability. They are so reliable that they can make that claim and follow through on it. For me, they have always been on time, always been professional and friendly and very helpful during every appointment and phone call. And of course they are very hard workers and do great work.