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  • Charlie Brown's Store 15951 Charles Town Rd, Charles Town, WV 25414 (304) 725-7861

    4 stars Posted on 05/17/2008 07:29am

    They are a little convenience store but also sell tabacco products and smoking items. They sell pipes and pipe screens, cleaner, glass pieces.
  • Eclipse 513 W King St, Martinsburg, WV 25401 (304) 263-9982

    5 stars Posted on 05/17/2008 07:27am

    This store was just recently taken over by new owners. They have some great glass pieces. This place will definitely meet all of your smoking needs.
  • Food Lion 159 Grocery Ave, Winchester, VA 22602 (540) 722-4083

    3 stars Posted on 05/17/2008 07:24am

    I love where this new store is located, right next to our subdivision. However, I think this Food Lion is a lot more expensive than the other Food Lion's here in Winchester.
  • Merle Norman Cosmetics 2178 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 665-0760

    4 stars Posted on 05/11/2008 08:04am

    I love their makeup products, especially their lipstick. They have great spa services as well. They do artificial nails and do them much better than anywhere else in town. They do all of their filing by hand whereas everyone else uses those harsh drills on your nails which is really bad for your nail beds. Free makeovers are also available.
  • Staples 2045 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 667-2893

    3 stars Posted on 05/11/2008 08:02am

    I think they are extremely expensive in comparison to some other stores. I have a problem with them always being out of stock, especially on my printer ink.
  • Sonic Drive-In 190 Crock Wells Mill Dr, Winchester, VA 22603 (540) 722-4777

    5 stars Posted on 05/11/2008 08:00am

    I love Sonic. They just opened in Winchester about a month ago. They have the absolute best burgers. And everyday from 2-4pm, all of their slushies and drinks are half off.
  • Merle Norman Cosmetics 2178 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 665-0760

    4 stars Posted on 05/04/2008 10:06am

    I absolutely love their makeup and skincare products. The staff is very helpful and informative. They will do a free makeover to help you find the products best suited for your skin color/type.
  • Domino's Pizza 724 Berryville Ave, Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 665-1911

    4 stars Posted on 05/04/2008 10:03am

    They have a great deal on Tuesday's. Very fast delivery and the pizza is always hot. The thin crust is absolutely wonderful.
  • Daily Grind 1 N Loudoun St, Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 662-2115

    5 stars Posted on 05/04/2008 10:00am

    Their frozen drinks are 10 times better than Starbucks. Make sure to try the coffee toffee java cooler.
  • Kohl's 2194 S Pleasant Valley Rd, Winchester, VA 22601 (540) 678-0983

    5 stars Posted on 05/01/2008 07:00am

    I absolutely love this place. They have great prices on mostly all of their items, I never pay full price.