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  • Tellus Science Museum 100 Tellus Dr., White, GA 30184 (770) 606-5700

    4 stars Posted on 04/28/2009 03:02pm

    GREAT planeterium and hands on stuff for kids to pan gems or dig for bones.
  • Red Bowl Asian Cuisine & Sushi 5166 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072 (803) 996-1333

    5 stars Posted on 04/28/2009 03:01pm

    Great food and lunch prices can't be beat. Love the mango food and the spicy dishes. LARGE sushi selection.
  • Hudson's Smokehouse 4952 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072 (803) 356-1070

    3 stars Posted on 09/23/2008 01:59pm

    I like it.... very simple food but good.
  • Palmetto Health Baptist Taylor at Marion St., Columbia, SC 29220 (803) 296-5010

    1 stars Posted on 09/23/2008 01:57pm

    Having my child at the hospital was the worst thing I have done in my life. They never told me they were going to 'save' my 25 week baby.... I thought she was going to die. Then they put her on experimental equipment, did 7 bllod transfustions, and even a spinal tap without consent.... then when I told them...that they did not have consent they wanted me to sign a blank consent form.

    Needless to say I moved my baby but by then the damage was done.

    The hospital did not care. The medical board did not care and the police said nothing could be done but that they understood I was mad.

    SO my child will pay the price for the rest of her life with brain damage.

    I would not go here...
  • Palmetto Smiles 139 Whiteford Way, Lexington, SC 29072 (803) 951-9100

    1 stars Posted on 09/23/2008 01:47pm

    One of the doctors pulled my 10 year old healthy teeth. He pulled 10 of her baby teeth but then said she had no cavities.

    I was shocked.... then he just said take over the counter pain meds....with only the 4 front teeth left in my childs head.

    Her whole mouth was bloody. I cried all night with my child.

    The medical board said he did nothing wrong and so did the police. I would NOT use these people.
  • Red Pearl Kitchen 440 J St Ste 108, San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 231-1100

    5 stars Posted on 08/04/2008 04:13pm

    Loved this place. We were just walking around and found it. Chicken soup is great, chicken with pepers in it was great and the deserts were all good. Stop here.
  • San Diego Zoo (619) 234-3153

    5 stars Posted on 08/04/2008 04:11pm

    I love all the trees and shade. Loved the paths and the animals. But they do not tell you it is cheeper to buy a year pass.... you get 2 ticket and 2 free passes with it. We paid $94 for 4 tickets and the year is only 70 something....

    But other than that it is great. Sometimes the line in the bathroom was a bit long but aren't they all.
  • Casa Guadalajara 4105 Taylor St, San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 295-5111

    5 stars Posted on 08/04/2008 04:09pm

    It was great. We ate outside and loved all the little birds flying around. Service was nice and food was good.... but make a reservation or go between 3-5 or you will not get in. Busy....busy.
  • Jameson Inn of Shreveport 6715 Rasberry Ln, Shreveport, LA 71129 (318) 671-0731

    2 stars Posted on 08/04/2008 04:06pm

    It was a nice room and seemed clean but I had to wash my feet 3 times in 2 hours before I went to bed. As of 7-2008
  • Knights Inn 1309 W Broadway St, Van Horn, TX 79855 (432) 283-2030

    3 stars Posted on 08/04/2008 04:03pm

    It was recently redone they said and was clean... as of 7-2008. Great view of the moutain and quite.