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  • Prime Catch 700 E Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33435 (561) 737-8822

    1 stars Posted on 03/21/2012 08:53pm

    Every time my family and I ate at this restaurant there was a problem. Either they ran out of food items on the menu early in the evening, the food quality was mediocre and overpriced, or our server was rude. On 3/15/12, after a CONFIRMED birthday reservation for a specific time, we were very rudely told by the person at the hostess desk {supposedly the manager!} that our reservation was for a an hour later than it was. I had written down the exact time of the reservation and the person I spoke with when I made the reservation just in case there was a problem, due to their past history with us. However, the person at the hostess desk emphatically told me that I was wrong and the person I spoke with was right. We were all appalled by her nasty attitude and walked out. This same person was arguing with the party before us and had been rude to us in the past. Her customer service skills are horrendous and she should be fired immediately! She's clearly a big liability for this establishment. Of course, we will NEVER go back there and will make sure all of our family and friends are warned so they don't waste their time and money. {We subsequently went to a restaurant in Delray Beach and had an outstanding dinner with impeccable service}. A pretty building on the water may lure unsuspecting people in the door, but getting them to return is going to be a HUGE challenge for this place.