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  • Aerotek Staffing Agency (888) 237-6835

    1 stars Posted on 04/23/2009 11:07am

    i was employed with aerotek here in san antonio for about a year. luckily the company i was working for hired me as a full time employee because these people at aerotek are lousy at their jobs. i was set up with direct deposit to avoid any hassles and despite that there were numerous times i was not paid on time, which was havoc on my account since i had multiple bill payments taken directly from my account. when i contacted them about the issues it was creating for me there was no definite answer as to why this kept occuring. since i didnt want to further risk my account status and continue to have to pay outrageous overdraft fees for automatic bill pay i had set up i canceled direct deposit to receive live checks, which to no avail did not prevent my paycheck woes with aerotek. on one such occasion my check was never delivered to my office and when my supervisor contacted the account manager, whose name is OTTO in the san antonio office with aerotek, he lied and stated he delivered my check with another supervisor at the company who never received it. there is no accountability on their part for their lack of competance. I did not receive my check for that specific mishap until a full week later. they would rather lie than come clean about their inability to do their jobs effectively. in my honest opinion do not seek out aerotek for employment unless you want stress and frustration. Otto is a LITTLE arrogant man who in my opinion doesnt know his mouth from another hole in his body. you have been warned.