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  • First Student (855) 870-8747

    1 stars Posted on 07/17/2012 03:44pm

    Do not trust any important events to First Student! I contracted with them for a wedding shuttle that was supposed to provide continuous service from the hotel that our guests were staying to the reception venue (about a 7 min drive). The driver made one trip, parked the bus and turned his cell phone off. This situation added much stress and embarassment to a very important day. After the wedding, I called the woman who arranged my trip to discuss what happened. It appeared that she was expecting my call and seemed to suggest with a definite attitude that the problem was my fault. She tried to tell me that perhaps there was no cell phone service (not true) and also suggested that sometimes cell phones don't work. What??? To add insult to injury, no one else from the company ever responded to my repeat requests to discuss what happened that day. After I made two phone calls and sent an e-mail to the corporate office, I gave up. Service excellence is a foreign concept to First Student. They don't even deserve a one star rating. If you want reliable service go with another company, I sure wish I had!!