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  • Allied Nations Cab 2192 Campbellton Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30311 (404) 758-2007

    2 stars Posted on 06/30/2008 02:23pm

    I called this taxi on the recommendation of a friend -- I had a large package to take home and did not want to chance it on MARTA, so i called Assurance. After giving him instructions to where I needed to go, about 2 minutes into the ride he says "you know, you could have walked". Very rude, and then called me a lude name when I got to my destination and paid the fare with a tip. Terrible.
  • Atlanta Yellow Cab Of Georgia 55 Milton Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315 (404) 521-0200

    1 stars Posted on 06/30/2008 02:20pm

    I travel a lot and take cabs to and from a lot of different places, but the Atlanta Yellow Cab I took from the airport once to a friend's house was the worst cab experience I've ever had. For starters, while there are flat fees to Downtown, Midtown and Buckhead, the drivers don't seem to know where else to go besides those general locales. I asked to be taken to the West End, and when I got in, the cab driver went about 10 yards before stopping and kicking me out of the cab, saying he doesn't go to that "bad Black neighborhood". Even after giving him specific directions, he refused my fare and took another couple to their location instead. I am in the local hospitality industry, and I will never use this service or recommend it to clients. Absolutely HORRIBLE!