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  • Custom Electric Inc 467 S University Blvd, Denver, CO 80209 (303) 744-2558

    1 stars Posted on 03/18/2008 03:46pm

    I had Custom Electric Incorporated do my wiring in a remodel project in January of 2007. The owner seemed more interested salvaging my old copper and conduits than getting the job done. He would come in and start salvaging wire and material before he would start to do work on my condo as opposed to doing my work and then salvaging at the end of the day. He told me that my job would take a week and it ended up going into 4 weeks. He kept pulling his employee off of my job and sending him elsewhere. He told me that he was going to pull his employee off of my job and send him elsewhere but that he, or his assistant, would be back the next day. I wouldn't see either one of them for 3-4 days at a time. And he'd never call me to let me know what was going on. I'd have to call him to see when he'd be back to my project. The price that we'd agreed upon ended up being what we had decided and I was happy with that aspect. However when we discussed the project he didn't inform me of the fact that we'd need to add another circuit breaker box which added to the expense. How an electrician can leave out that detail is beyond logic. I added additional wiring and circuits to my project and it is just unbelievable that he would not know or tell me that there would be a need for an additional breaker box. It would be the equivilant of a car dealer selling you a car and after buying the car the dealer doesn't inform you that it would also need an engine. It's that basic. I would not recommend Custom Electric Incoporated to anyone.