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  • Wendy's 5502 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235 (214) 631-1803

    4 stars Posted on 01/21/2008 11:16am

    This Wendy's has a pleasant and clean atmosphere. They also make great chicken sandwichs and they make it your way!
  • Cox Farms Market 1026 S Main St, Duncanville, TX 75137 (972) 283-8851

    4 stars Posted on 12/13/2007 01:09pm

    Pleasant Atmosphere and efficient enough Organic food choices in this neighborhood Grocery and Health Food Store.
  • Jubilee Mortgage 4363 S Hampton Rd, Dallas, TX 75232 (214) 331-8585

    4 stars Posted on 12/11/2007 09:38am

    They are sure to have a Mortgage Plan to fit your needs! They had the right one for me!
  • Whataburger 961 W Belt Line Rd, Desoto, TX 75115 (972) 274-3065

    4 stars Posted on 12/10/2007 07:10am

    They make Great Pancakes at a reasonable price for a Home Cooked Breakfast! They serve Breakfast until 11am.
  • Whataburger 203 E Pleasant Run Rd, Desoto, TX 75115 (972) 224-3567

    4 stars Posted on 12/10/2007 07:06am

    What I like about this place is that they don't just stick food in the microwave. They don't start cooking until you order. They have great Pancakes and they are open 24 hours!
  • Smokey's John Bar-B-Que 1820 W Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75235 (214) 352-2752

    4 stars Posted on 12/05/2007 11:20am

    Great Home Cooking within walking Distance from several Motels, Suites & Inns....and not too far from Love Field Airport. Their Candied Yams are my favorite!
  • African American Museum 3536 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210 (214) 565-9026

    4 stars Posted on 11/16/2007 10:51am

    This Museum is a good place for Students of the Arts to visit.

    In this Museum you will see that African American Artist used verious media, styles and subject matters, not just Ethinic subject matters.
  • Bhp Etc 1026 N Zang Blvd, Dallas, TX 75208 (214) 946-2471

    4 stars Posted on 11/15/2007 11:37am

    Quality Printing at Reasonable Pricing can be found at BHP. There doesn't seem to be anything that they can not print on. They also do Trophies. CHECK IT OUT!!!

    They're in the Neighborhood.