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  • Michael's Italian Restaurant 1400 S Grand Ave, Waukesha, WI 53189 (262) 549-0406

    1 stars Posted on 04/18/2010 10:35pm

    Our group of hungry people decided on Michael's. As an incentive, we planned to use coupons appearing in a Waukesha coupon magazine. Our group was split up at 2 large tables. Before ordering we informed the waitress of the coupons. She checked and said they could be used. Among the offers were one free entree with the purchase of another at an equal or lower price; another -- $10.00 off, etc. The coupons did NOT specify that they couldn't be used in a group situation. At the end of dinner, the waitress returned to inform us that the coupons couldn't be honored because we were in a group setting. The waitress indicated that the decision was made by one of the managers AFTER we ate. AGAIN--THERE WAS NO DISCLAIMER TO THIS EFFECT ON THE COUPONS. Another couple was allowed to use one coupon for their dinners. Rather than create an unpleasant scene, we voiced our concerns to the waitress, paid, and left with the intention of writing to the owner and possibly notifying the Wisconsin state consumer affairs office. The food seemed pricey for starters, some beverages arrived slowly. In all, it was not a pleasant experience. The "reward" they will receive for their sneaky tactics will be our resolve not to return there. Competition is great; there are restaurants that subscribe to better customer relations and ethics.