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  • Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air PO Box 790661, San Antonio, TX 78279 (210) 491-0309

    1 stars Posted on 09/10/2012 08:58pm

    Don't call Aramendia. I did earlier this year and two nice men came out in a truck and gave me an estimate of what it would take to install the brand new faucet and sprayer set I had purchased after the granite countertop guys were finished installing the under mount stainless sink and the new countertop. I had already disconnected the old faucet set before the granite was installed. They said "$450 and that includes a 10% senior discount." I looked at them in disbelief and said, "You've got to be kidding. No Way!" while my wife pleaded with me in the background saying, but "we have to have the plumbing reconnected." I kicked the bandits out saying, "I don't blame you, but I blame your employer for putting you in this unfortunate position. I would never pay such an outrageous price. This is clearly a one person job that will take less than two hours." I immediately googled "plumbers" and found Michael Ortega of Ortega Plumbing through "MagicService." He came out the next morning and did a great job and left me with a far more reasonable bill of $164.00. Unbelieveable that Aramendia stays in business doing such price-gouging highway robbery!! $500 to connect a new faucet! Can you believe that?? (Actually this is exactly what I say and have said to many, many friends and acquaintenances. Only through an effective word-of-mouth campaign can we protect honest small business families like the Ortegas against the big business plumbing companies like the Aramendias. I just think of all the people they have taken advantage of!) --David Jongewaard
  • Ortega Plumbing 3114 Royalton Dr, San Antonio, TX 78228 (210) 838-6102

    5 stars Posted on 09/10/2012 04:38pm

    I like working with Michael and Yolanda Ortega. Michael's a diligent plumber, comes promptly to do good work and gets the job done quickly and honestly and cordially. I've had him out several times to do different plumbing jobs--expansion tank for my water heater (recommended by a Home Inspector), cleaning out a slow tub drain, installing my new sink plumbing in the kitchen after a granite countertop upgrade we did with Costco contractors. When we had the new sink plumbing done, we first called Aramendia Plumbers because we had seen their advertising on TV. They came and estimated the job at $500 less a 10% senior citizen discount = $450. I hit the ceiling said "No way!" and almost threw them out for such banditry. I then worked with MagicService to find Ortega Plumbing. He promptly came out and did the same job for $164.00! Can you believe that difference in price?? Some of the companies out there will steal you blind if you let them. It's really nice to find a great personable and competent plumber like Michael. He's my plumber from now on!
  • Harvest Landscape & Irrigation 5727 Prentiss Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 884-7182

    5 stars Posted on 09/10/2012 04:29pm

    You can depend upon the Harvest Lanscaping Company to do a thorough and professional job. They come when they say they will. They do what they agreed to do and even more. Roger understood my need for foundation repair and proper soil drainage away from the foundation to meet the requirements of a Home Inspection as we prepare to sell our home. His crew, Hugo and Philip, worked hard, cleaning up as they went, resealing the patio and AC platform slabs to the foundation with cement, repairing perforations and hairline cracks in the foundation slab, installing metal edging, grading in dark top soil, and, then, even though I had told them they could just put back the old mulch, they finished off their job with all new mulch. It looked great. They bagged and carted off the old stuff and then cleaned up every bit of evidence on the driveway and in the street that they had even been there. Wow! This is a great company to work with. The crew and Roger must agree because they've been with the company for a number of years themselves. Nice to know we can rely on their expertise when we move to our new house after we sell this one. --David Jongewaard