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  • Babcock Bar 8826 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 691-5552

    4 stars Posted on 01/30/2008 11:23am

    is very cool. They have live bands, good music and drinks. Plus waitstaff is smokin hot.
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill 11745 W Interstate 10 # 401, San Antonio, TX 78230 (210) 699-4392

    5 stars Posted on 01/30/2008 11:22am

    You have to try Chipotle. What makes the Burrito is that Chipotle try to use the freshest and friendliest ingredients. Thier motto is "Food With Integrity". It's a philosophy that we can always do better in terms of the food we buy. And when we say better, we mean better in every sense of the word- better tasting, coming from better sources, better for the environment, better for the animals, and better for the farmers who raise the animals and grow the produce.

    Plus thier hot salsa is truly awesome and not even close to bland. Try the chicken burrito. It's one of the best items there.
  • Samurai Sushi Restaurant 2320 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78229 (210) 692-7555

    5 stars Posted on 01/30/2008 11:15am

    Great sushi and oriental dishes. Thier ribeye plate is fantastic and it comes with sushi and a oriental salad. Spicy tuna and philadelphia rolls are solid and great choices. They also have a happy hour monday thru friday on sushi and sashimi. They also have a great udon noodle soup. Good oriental beer selection as well. Staff is courteous and pleasant. Highly recommend.
  • Blanco Cafe/The Original Blanco Cafe 419 N Saint Marys St, San Antonio, TX 78205 (210) 271-3300

    4 stars Posted on 01/25/2008 09:50am

    You can be in and out of Blanco Cafe within 30 minutes. The food is prepared well and tastes great. The breakfast tacos are excellent. The price for the lunch specials are superb and the quality of food (for what you pay) is damn excellent. Get there now.
  • Longhorn Cafe 23775 W Interstate 10, San Antonio, TX 78257 (210) 698-7766

    5 stars Posted on 01/25/2008 09:47am

    The burgers are great. Good flavor to the meat, great toppings and a nice atmosphere. If you live on the northwest side it is a decent substitute for Chris Madrids. You must try.
  • La Margenal Restaurant 2447 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217 (210) 804-2242

    3 stars Posted on 01/25/2008 09:45am

    It's not the best food. The spices are a little bland and odd. The staff is friendly and the happy hour is quite reasonable. Not on the best side of town though.
  • Fire Bowl Cafe 255 E Basse Rd, San Antonio, TX 78209 (210) 829-0887

    5 stars Posted on 01/21/2008 08:59am

    Food and service is outstanding. You have a choice of creating your own stir fry or ordering pre-made dishes. Creating your own is the best option. You choose vegatbles, meat, tofu, noodles/rice and sauce flavoring. The hot and sour soup is one of the best I have had. The price is around $8, which is not too unreasonable. Highly recommend.
  • Demo's Greek Food 2501 N Saint Marys St, San Antonio, TX 78212 (210) 732-7777

    5 stars Posted on 01/17/2008 07:25am

    The gyro lunch combo is an awesome value. You get a gyro, fries and water for less than six bucks. The gyro meat is flavored just right. They also have a combo that comes with a greek salad, which is quiet good. They also have a robust greek menu. Check it out soon.
  • Boston's the Gourmet Pizza 1827 N Loop 1604 E, San Antonio, TX 78232 (210) 576-1300

    4 stars Posted on 01/17/2008 07:22am

    Great place for sports, beer and pizza. They have a ton of pizza varieties and a good sports atmosphere. Beer prices are reasonable for if you get the largest size. They have a solid variety of beers too.
  • Pei Wei 11398 Bandera Rd Building 1 Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78250 (210) 523-0040

    5 stars Posted on 01/17/2008 07:20am

    Pei Wei is great value for the money. The food is virtually identical to PF Chang's. It is owned by the same company. Everything is a little less expensive and the food tastes the same. Not much waiting in line for food. Lettuce Wraps are very good. They and PF Chang's has the best Kung Pao Chicken. Noodle dishes are fantastic and flavor is off the charts. Don't forget to eat the orange slices near the condiment counter.