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  • Hair Emporium 800 Fairview Rd, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 298-4188

    5 stars Posted on 12/28/2008 08:10pm

    I have been a Hair Emporium customer since 1993. I have drifted away a few times but always come back to this wonderful salon. Everyone is ALWAYS so freindly and family like with me. Even the other stylists who are not doing my hair. Sure, sometimes I may hafta wait even tho I have made an appt but it doesnt matter because a good stylist and may I mention freindship is hard to find in a salon. I have always been satisfied with Linda"s employees. some employees come and go and come back again for some reason. This must be a well rounded staff no matter who is there. Linda must be an excellent boss to work for and is a very pleasant person EVERy time I am in the salon. I have had color,perms cuts, kids cuts, everything done there. I like the stylist who jokes "color we can fix! its the perms we have to worry about!" with her sparkling smile. We all know she is kidding. Really, this is a fun shop to hang at even if you are just having a bad day. They will cheer you up. So give them a try or two. If you dont like one stylist, there is more to pick from, and they dont get mad like some backstabbing salon people. Try them out! 12-28-08cu