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  • PetSmart 1321 Manhattan Blvd, Harvey, LA 70058 (504) 263-0879

    1 stars Posted on 05/20/2009 05:48pm

    I brought my puppy there twice. She is a Shih Tzu. The first time, I dropped her off at 9am and picked her up at 11am. They were, "she is so cute and behaved so well!" Two weeks later, I dropped her off at 4pm. I told them that she does not to be locked in a kennel, so please call me as soon as she is done. By 6pm, they had not called, so I went there. They said it would be another hour and that they would call. By 7:45pm, I decided to get her. When I walked in, the groomer started complaining about this "horrible dog that wore her out". I asked for my puppy and she realized that I was the owner. She proceeded to tell me that my dog cried the entire time. When I got her home, I noticed that she had been cut several times on her back legs and buttocks area. She was cowering and crying. If this "lady" does not like dogs, she should not be a groomer!! I am a nurse. It would be like me not liking people and being a nurse. Maybe she was stressed out, but do not take it out on my 3 month old puppy!! I will never go back or recommend them to anyone.