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  • Pittsburgh Dental Spa 6502 B Steubenville Pike, Pittsburgh, PA 15205 (412) 200-2614

    5 stars Posted on 01/26/2013 09:10am

    I recently moved to Pittsburgh and desperately needed a good Dentist. I have always been apprehensive about going to the Dentist so this was no easy task. Then I found Pittsburgh Dental Spa!! All I can say is WOW! The staff is friendly, courteous, and professional and the care I received is second to none! They have massaging chairs, flat screen TVs on the ceiling, satellite radio, snacks, drinks, fireplace, waterfall, and even a relaxation room!! It's everything that you need to maximize your dental experience while keeping YOU in mind! I would recommend Pittsburgh Dental Spa to anyone who wants to take the anxiety out going to the dentist and receive top notch care! I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Tim and his staff and I no longer have apprehension about dentistry and I'm actually looking forward to my next visit!!

    -Chuck Chalupczynski