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  • Wunderbar's Pet Hotel 695 N Gate Rd, Walnut Creek, CA 94598 (925) 930-9767

    1 stars Posted on 12/31/2009 12:38pm

    I had boarded cats in the past at Wunderbar's, so imagine my horror when I picked up my two cats to find that my little Manx had a build up of dried on feces attached to her bottom the size of an orange! She smelled awful; I couldn't imagine that the Wunderbar staff had failed to notice it. As well, I had specified that the two cats could not share a space, and to that end had paid for two separate cages. They disregarded my request and put the poor cats in a dog run together with their carriers as their only shelter. While dogs may enjoy sleeping in their crates, cats do not. I had paid for the two cages in the cheery warm room behind the office for my cats. (I have wondered if perhaps they put my cats in the dog run so that they could maximize their space by boarding additional animals.

    The attitude of the owner, Mindy, was (on a phone message that I have saved) "you may be disappointed in us, but that's the way it is." No apology; no empathy for a poor helpless animal forced to sit literally in her own excrement for days on end. The Civic Feline Clinic was horrified at the condition. Her bottom was red and bleeding and the feces had entered her vulva area. To me, this was criminal animal abuse/neglect.

    Do not leave your cats with these people.