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  • Arrowood Law Firm 1014 N Adams St, Tallahassee, FL 32303 (850) 224-5333

    5 stars Posted on 12/30/2009 02:31pm

    I can't say enough about Jeff Arrowood. When I was served papers for custody of my daughter, I felt the pigment in my skin just drain out of me, just like in a cartoon. My mind had a cheetah in the hampster wheel it was going so fast. I didn't sleep or eat well. After I made several phone calls to other attorney offices closer to the Marianna courthouse and not getting return phone calls back. I widen my search and that's when I found Mr. Arrowood.

    It was about 6:30 - 7:00pm when I called Mr. Arrowoods office, exspecting to just leaving a short message and hope I heard back from someone the next day. To my surprise Mr. Arrowood answered the phone. We had a conversation about my child custody case and about the fact that I live in Michigan. Mr. Arrowood didn't hesitate to help me and accept my case......even though I do live in another state, that didn't bother him at all. Through the whole process, Mr. Arrowood was very professional, knowledgable, helpful and caring to my needs and wishes. He definitely helped me sleep better at night, just knowing I had him on my side helping me through this situation. Like I said before, I can't say enough about Jeff. I just wish I lived in the Tallahassee area so I could play golf with him every once in a while or just drop in the see him and say hello. His office staff are awesome and curtious professionals as well. Phone messages were returned, e-mails were responded back from. In the end, Mr. Arrowood won my child custody case for my daughter and I. Both her and I couldn't be more happy now. It's all because of Mr. Arrowood's help.


    "Your the Best"
  • Bondurant & Fuqua, P.A. 4450 Lafayette St, Marianna, FL 32446 (850) 526-2263

    1 stars Posted on 12/30/2009 02:01pm

    I called Mr. Fuqua's office to talk to him about my child custody case. I spoke to his sec. about my case and she told me that he will call me back....NO returned call! I called the next day and spoke to the same person. She again said she will give Mr. Fuqua the message and he will return my call....NO returned call! I once again called the following day, spoke to the same office person again. She told me that she spoke to Mr. Fuqua about my case and that he would call me when he returned to the office....NO returned call! I now waited 2 days (weekend) to call back. This time I spoke to someone different. She took my message and would have Mr. Fuqua call me back...NO returned call! I live in another state 5 states away, his office is right across the street from the courthouse I need to be at in about 60 days. My days are winding down for me to find an attorney to help me with my child custody case. I made one last attempt to call and just talk to Mr. Fuqua. That's all I wanted, just for him to talk to me about my case and if he is interesting in taking it or not, very simple. All I wanted was for him to act like a responsible adult and call me back. Not like some immature teenager when they don't want to talk to someone, they just don't call back hoping that the person will just go away. I have spoke to many people about my child custody case. I, in fact, bring up this whole ordeal about Mr. Fuqua never returning one of my phone messages, even when he had my home, office and cell numbers to call me back on. I will always bring this experience up to anybody that is looking for an attorney or to whoever I might talk to about my child custody case. And I will be sure to use Mr. Fuqua's name in that conversation.

    I think Mr. Fuqua and his office staff are very unprofessional and I WILL NOT and NEVER recommend thier office to anyone who is in need of an attorney in the Marianna, FL area. They get a negative star rating from me.

    By the way, I found an attorney in the Tallahassee area to take my case. He was willing to talk to me and help me out in a very bad time in my life. He won my case for me, and now my daughter lives with me full time now. For that I say a very big Thank You Jeff, you are awesome!


    On the contrary, maybe I should thank Mr. Fuqua for not returning my calls..............