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  • Harvest Landscape & Irrigation 5727 Prentiss Dr, San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 884-7182

    5 stars Posted on 05/07/2013 12:09pm

    TAKE NOTE*****Harvest Landscape and Irrigation Company*** – This company is the BEST! We are extremely happy with the exceptionally hard work these skilled craftsman performed for us. We initially contacted 6 companies for bids after creating a very rough draft of what we wanted done. The owner of this company, Roger, immediately contacted us and came out to observe what we wanted to accomplish. He patiently listened in detail as we explained we would like a flagstone patio approximately 400 – 500 square feet to come off our deck, new grass, rock formations, and a new fence. Roger took the information with him and then subsequently hand-carried his estimate to us. He provided insightful suggestions and written estimates for these projects to include specifically what materials would be used and what the work would consist of, to include cost(s). After making a 50% deposit, Roger established a tentative schedule on when they would begin and that day finally arrived. Key points: 1) Roger promptly responds to phone calls and messages. 2) He does not sub-contract any work out to other companies. 3) He maintains the highest quality control standards by remaining personally involved, frequently visiting the worksite and staying in touch with us. Roger truly cares that the customer is highly satisfied with the work performed. The workers proved to be very skilled to include leveling and preparing the ground for our patio. The mason skills associated with this project to include cutting and fitting the flagstone has been superb. His crew(s) are very hard-working gentlemen who are specialized, highly skilled, friendly and whom concentrate on the tasks performed. We had a vision on what the final outcome would be - I’m very pleased to report it is much more aesthetically pleasing than what we could have possible imagined. Harvest Company went above and beyond our highest expectations. The quality of work performed, which we observed each day is very impressive. I highly recommend Harvest Landscape Company to anyone who may need similar work done. Roger and company are dependable, reliable, and experienced – Thanks to this company, we now have an awesome backyard and patio that we will enjoy for many years!! My sincere thank you to your entire crew Roger!! Eddie