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    5 stars Posted on 12/13/2012 01:53pm

    I dealt with severe neck pain for two years. I saw every doctor I could to get fixed up but no one had the answer. I had injections, therapy etc... One day while watching TV on my day off from work, I noticed a commercial about neck and back pain. I immediately contacted LSI for a consult. I brought my MRI films and X-rays. Right away the team at LSI Philadelphia knew I needed help and that they would be able to fix me. The following week after my consult, I had my surgery. I was so nervous and scared going in. But in the back of my mind, I knew i needed to get fixed. The pain I was having was ruining my life. I had to give up fighting fire, playing hockey and pretty much my entire social life. The surgery was about an hour long. I woke up approx. 30 minutes after in recovery. Right away I knew something was different. I didnt feel the pain and pressure I had felt for two years. The obvious surgical pain was present but not the original pain! After about an hour, I was wheeled out of the building and sent home. I was walking normally, eating normally, doing everything normally. I couldnt believe that I was fixed! So as of today, which is about 3 weeks after my surgery, I feel amazing. Still a little sore but the pain is bareable. I have a little more recovery time to go but I feel 150% better then i did before I went to LSI. Their entire team is amazing. They are kind and understand what you are dealing with. They are in my mind miracle workers! Without LSI Philly, who knows where I would be. I am getting married in April and I will be pain free thanks to them! If anyone out there is dealing with back or neck pain, dont think twice, go see LSI! They gave me my life back and will forever be grateful!