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  • Jumbo Auto & Truck Plaza 1640 S State Road 7, Hollywood, FL 33023 (954) 967-5665

    1 stars Posted on 05/09/2012 07:31pm

    Worst experience ever! The customer service is unbelievably bad! We bought a car on a saturday night, and drove out after hours. We fill up at the gas station across the street, and then we break down right in front of the dealership! We call and get no answers besides we open tomorrow morning. We live 4hrs away, dont know the area, have no where to go, but they dont care. Then phone dies while talking to them, and then find out the cigarette lighter doesnt have power to charge it. All of this is 10:30 at night. We use a pay phone to get a taxi and stay in a hotel, and return in the morning. They promise to have the car fixed and delivered to our house on monday, but they wouldnt call me back at all. We again live four hours away. We bought another car for my wife that day and drove that home. I left countless messages. it is now 5 days later and still waiting......They dont deserve to be in business! I would rather buy a bicycle then to ever buy a car from them! Honest to god stay away! Liars and crooks!