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  • Kimoo Martial Art 2181 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 243-1001

    5 stars Posted on 06/08/2008 09:56am

    I've been training with Grandmaster Hwang for a while now and he is very knowledgable. He is a grandmaster in tae kwon do, gyun gyuk do kickboxing, Hapkido, the founder of Kimoodo, a master in Gumdo(Korean way of sword), and renouned as one of the greatest Neikung masters in the world. He teaches kids of all ages, adults, and seniors. He is the real deal martial artist demonstrating thing like thick heavy granite breaking. Alot of masters say ki and chi but have no idea how to use it. I learned how to feel and manipulate chi the first lesson. Grandmaster Hwang is able to demonstrate things that seem impossible like sitting levitation and granite breaks. He is kind and patient and he is an exceptional teacher.