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  • USA Zion Taxi 3139 Bethel Blvd, Zion, IL 60099 (847) 746-5644

    1 stars Posted on 12/18/2012 08:51am

    I took a ride with USA taxi today. The driver, that turns out to be the owner, Linda, was absolutely horrible. I was told a cab would be there in ten minutes. After close to 20 I called and was told they were almost at my pickup point and forgot they had to do a train run, said they'd be there in less than ten minutes. Called again after another 15 minutes and was told they had a contract with the American Cancer Care centers and they had another fare to pick up before me.

    When the cab arrived it came from the wrong direction for a hospital run. The driver started making excuses as soon as I got in. I said it wasn't that it was over 30 minutes, it was that they kept giving me wrong times and that I was waiting outside for them. She told me her contracted runs with the hospital, (non emergency) came first. I told her again its not about waiting, its about being given the wrong expectation for when the cab will arrive. And besides I said, based on the direction you were coming from you weren't coming from the hospital. She called me an a**hole. LoL Then repeated that I was an a**hole several times and told me I could f*** off. I asked her were here cab license was and she said she didn't have to display it. I told her I was going to report her to the police, she said they're a joke and weren't going to do anything.

    I did report her to the police, they were polite and said they would talk to her. The cab driver I got a ride home from said the owner of that taxi cab company, the foul mouthed pig that had given me a ride, was in some way "connected" with the city and that nothing would probably be done. We'll see.

    Anyway if you want to feel like you're just lucky to get a taxi, don't mind them lying about when they'll pick you up, and like the idea of foul mouthed old lady cursing at you should you dare mention they were late.... make sure you give them a call.

    I don't know if she thinks she can get away with this crap because shes got the contract with American Cancer Centers or if shes "connected" in the city of Zion like the other cab driver said, but whoever is allowing her to get away with this should be embarrassed. P.S. I had to give it one star, which it doesn't deserve, or I couldn't post my review.