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  • Western Union (800) 325-6000

    1 stars Posted on 10/01/2012 07:12am

    NO STARS! BEWARE!! Who knew that cashing a Western Union money order is next to impossible?! Only people who have tried it would know this. I purchased and sent a money order as a birthday gift (instead of sending cash in the mail) and now it can't be cashed. I paid in cash!! AND if I want it sent back to me, I can get a refund which will cost $15 and it wil take up to 30 days! The places that sell them will only cash them if it is purchased with them. Now, what good is that?!! I supose Western Union can get by with this legally because it's all on their website---but really, it IS a ripoff. I also called the 800 number. After finally getting to speak to a customer service rep, I was transferred to someone else who was to help me. Guess what?! I could not understand what the person was saying, It sounded as though they were in a deep well with water swirling, the voice echoed, and they could not transfer me to someone else!! Pretty tricky in my opinion!! Just another way to get the customer stuck into paying $15 for nothing!! NEVER USE WESTERN UNION!