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  • Independent Taxicab Association inc 3401 Frederick ave, Baltimore, MD 21229 (443) 218-8294

    1 stars Posted on 05/22/2011 03:24am

    I called this company since they had good review, but now i'm sure all those reviews are fake. Originally from nyc, i recently moved to MD.

    I won't be using independent taxicab any more. I asked for a flate rate quote between white marsh mall to BWI. They gave me a quote. When the taxi arrived I asked if they can give me receipt when the trip ends. The driver goes and says uh yeah...then i'll need to meter it - which ends up costing more for he purposely took a long way. The driver starts to drive around 695 to the airport. I'm on white marsh mall - just take i95 down to bwi... who drives around the loop?

    Next, i ask to pay by credit card and he gives me a whole run a round on why using a CC wouldnt work. He needs to call it in and said i should told him from the start. Being late, i just gave him cash instead. So he gives me a receipt...a hand written receipt.. I thought the meter will print it out right since he told me he need to meter it to give me a receipt. (like nyc) So obviously I was scammed.

    And this taxi was all roughed up... the leather was ripped and when i asked him to turn on the AC, he opens the window instead.