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  • At Play With Sparky Doggie Playcare. 542 Short McDowell St, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 254-5772

    1 stars Posted on 10/22/2012 06:54am

    Avoid this place like a plague. When I received a tour the place was not that bad but I went on an off day that the owner was there and certain things were hidden. I went back a week later to pick up a friends dog and the dog was missing gaps of fur and the entire back area smelled horrible. When I spoke to the staff member who was working the desk she told me and I quote "you would't see my dog here, the management here sucks, and most of the staff is looking for other jobs."

    I thought maybe she was having a bad day so I asked around the hospital I work at to get opinions. There were some loyal supports but even they said that there is an obvious issue with management. One person I spoke with even said "for a while there were 2 people that had worked there forever that basically killed themselves working the place, now that the main owner is there it has gone down hill." Almost everyone I spoke with that goes there regularly says that the owner does seem friendly but they agree that very few of the staff members there stay.

    By this point I had obviously made up my mind to board my dog elsewhere but while working my boss was talking with someone and said "hey they used to work there, ask them." This former staff member which later I found out is one of the ones I stated earlier who had basically ran the place per my boss said "It is what it is. The owner if she is ever there has no clue what goes on and there are obvious issues with the staff and dogs getting injured and never told to the owner. I left due to the poor management and so have many other employees." When I spoke to my boss directly she stated that since around 2010 the place although has added many new services, she has seen obvious signs that the owner is just trying to cover up the neglect of the other services. She only takes her dog there for short periods at a time when it is a must due to her not being able to get a refund on a 30 day pass she bought.