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  • Best Friends Pet Care 10301 Feld Farm Ln, Charlotte, NC 28210 (704) 264-0601

    5 stars Posted on 04/15/2008 07:58pm

    Everyone and everything here has been sucha delight. We have been taking our two dogs to Best Friends since they opened their doors. Everyone is so loving, knowledgeable and accomodating. Daisy loves going to Camp and their boarding kennels are large (Daisy gets a TV!), clean and they even give you a report card letting you know who your pups friends are, how they ate, went potties and what they did while they played or stayed.

    They switched management about a year ago and it is the best it has ever been!!

    We will never go anywhere else. Daisy loves everyone there and they love her like she is their own! She does not want to leave camp sometimes--it is too cute.

    They will show you every last nook and cranny of the place, anything to make you feel safe about leaving your pet. I have no reservations when I leave her.

    Thank you