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  • Walmart 600 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 917-0796

    1 stars Posted on 12/06/2010 06:12pm

    I had the worst shopping experience of my life @ the Walmart vision center.

    I purchased a frame from them. At first, they tried to sell me the display piece. When i asked for a new one, they said it will arrive in 5 business days. It only arrived more than 3 weeks later. I called them several times during that period to check the status, but they never provided any update. At times they told me that someone will call me the next business day to tell me about the status. But, that never happened. Even when the frame finally arrived, they never informed me. I had to call and push them to look for it.

    Most unprofessional customer service I have ever seen.

    Later i learnt that this shop was not in-network and hence my insurance provider will not reimburse me the complete amount. I tried returning the frame back to them as it was still in the return policy. They did not refuse. But, they would say that only their manager can approve that. I finally got hold of the manager after three visits. At that time, the manager said she needs to get the approval from the district manager and that she will call me the next business day once she gets the approval. Guess what she never called. I am sure, if i call them again they will come up with some new reason.

    I am surprised Walmart has allowed them to run their shop on their premises.