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    1 stars Posted on 07/17/2013 01:28am

    Buyer beware!!!! I called this place at 8:15am and got a message saying a VM hadn't been setup but a few minutes later Jerry called me back. Everything seemed fine at first, I explained my wasp problem and that I tried spraying but the wasps had created a nest too far under my roof to get to and that I had 2 areas where there were nests. He said it would be $250 if he had to pull up the roof, I thought that seemed pretty inexpensive for the amount of labor, but of course I was expecting someone certified to do the work too. I gave him my address and he was supposed to arrive around 1pm the next day. After several text messages back and forth saying he's running late, really busy, etc., he finally arrives, after 4pm. He shows up in a car with a friend and a couple cans of wasp spray. He had no tools to any type of logical work and he asked me for just about everything. He didn't even show up with a ladder to get up on my roof. After he figured out he couldn't get to the nests from my attic, all he did was seal up the holes where the wasps were going in an out of, and said they will die in 4-5 days because they don't have food. He would have pulled up my roof or cut holes in my drywall to get to them, but there was no way I was letting this guy rip my house apart. So, while I'm waiting for the wasps to die, they're getting into my house and I'm just waiting for one of my 3 babies to get stung.

    When he was done sealing up the holes I asked him how much I owed him and he said $300, I was shocked, because he said it was $250 to pull up my roof, which he didn't do...I said $300 for what, and his response was it was a 2 hour drive to my house and that he doesn't even service my area. I ended up paying $250 for basically nothing, I could have sealed the holes myself, and done a better job of it too. I have this white foam sticking out like a soar thumb on my roof where he sprayed the sealant under the gap in my shingles, it looks ridiculous.

    This was a flat out scam, and an expensive one too!!!!!