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  • Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine (317) 396-1300

    5 stars Posted on 07/15/2009 06:10pm

    This people is miracle workers. I had always face pain for over 10 years. went to all kinds of dentists, had teeth pulle dbut nothing stop the pain. I could not eat I could not move. the pain was so bad. finally I got sent to this place and they were so nice and explain what I had and why it hurt so bad. they said they could help me but I have to do surgery. that really scared me. mostly cause I would have to put out complete. but the pain was so bad!!!! I went ahead and had surgery. it was so good. I woke up and for the fist time in 10 years I did not have pain! I creid and cried in my hospital bed. i tuly believe these people are of god. they have to be. they cure me. it been six month now and not won day of pain, not 1 minute of pain ever again! I am cured. I am so happy. not so good that I eat so much now. but it feel so good to eat to be able to open my mouth with not pain. every body so nice to me and my husband. they come by my room every day. sit with me and tell me what I need to know. nurse hold me hand when I cry. but mostly they believe me. other people think I am crazy. i know i have bad pain. but people stopp beliving you. they got tired of me talking about pain. these group people don't. they know what I am going th. and they say htey can help me. and they did. I am cure and I am so so so happy!