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  • CANDALINA BRIDAL 1700 Monongahela Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 (412) 241-6222

    1 stars Posted on 06/22/2009 06:28am

    My wedding is in August and we ordered bridesmaids dresses from Candalina's in February. At that time, we were told they would be arriving in late May. At the beginning of June I called the store and they told me the dresses had shipped. I specifically told them we would come pick up the dresses at the end of June, giving them a specific date.

    The date came and we went to the store. Two of my bridesmaids flew in from other states to come get the dresses so they could be altered at that store. Guess what: no dresses had arrived.

    The sickest thing was not that we had been lied to about the arrival date, but it was the indifference of the owner at all of the inconvenience and cost we had to go through for what was essentially a waste of time and hundreds of dollars. She did not apologize once and had an excuse for everything. It was obvious that this has happened to her many times and she knows exactly what to say to attempt at taking the blame off of her and her sub-par employees.

    I want to make sure others do not subject themselves to becoming a victim of a store and witch of a woman owner.