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    1 stars Posted on 05/08/2013 08:17pm

    My GE side by side was not dispensing either water or ice. I called American Same Day service for my fridge repair, they sent a technician. He asked for the manual and did all the steps in the manual (I already did that). Then he looked at the wires in the bottom of the fridge, he thought every thing was OK and narrowed the problem to the front motherboard. I paid a 100.00 deposit and new motherboard was ordered. After 3-4 days, the technician removed my old board, put in the new board. There was no change in the behavior. Then, he spoke to another technician on the phone and decided that the motherboard in the rear of the fridge might also be not working. He told me that when a motherboard has a problem, both need to be changed. I asked him if he would take the parts back if it did not fix the problem, initially he was reluctant, later agreed.

    After he left, I googled for a couple of hours, found a video with the same symptoms as mine. Basically, the wiring in the bottom of the refrigerator has a crimp where 3 wires join another 3 wires. The video showed to cut the wires from the crimp and re-crimp them individually. I did that and the fridge was working. I immediately called the technician, said I fixed the problem. Asked him to cancel the order of the rear motherboard and replace the new front motherboard with my old one as it might not be faulty.

    The next day technician arrived, he said someone messed with the wires at the bottom (it was me fixing it) and asked me to pay 249.00, when I asked him about the old part, he said it was sent to his company as it was their policy. I told him that the I am the owner of the old part and the new part as I paid a deposit on it, he cannot send it anywhere without my consent. He became irritated and said that the old part fuse was broken and will not work. I asked him how he could be so sure without testing it. I told him that I would not pay him any money without speaking to his manager and asked him to leave my house. He said that he would check if the part is still in the post office and left. He went to his car in my driveway, then called me and said he spoke to his manager and I can have my part back. I went to the driveway collected my part, it was not mailed as he claimed. Them again he said that I can have my part, but still need to keep the new part and pay 249.00. I told him again that I would only pay after speaking to his manager. Then he tried calling him and made me talk to a very polite lady. I explained to her the situation and she told me that the old part needs to be put back in the fridge and retested. If the old part was working, then the technician should not charge me for the new part and I will only need to pay the basic 64.00. She repeated the same to the technician.

    He replaced the old part, it was working correctly. Then he charged me 120 odd. I was disgusted with the fighting and paid the money. He tried to hand me a receipt for 64.00, when I showed him that the number was wrong, he said that was a mistake and gave me a different receipt.

    I am pissed that I called for a technician and the company sent me someone just to make money. The technician I called before sameday service, looked at the fridge, could not figure the problem and did not charge even the basic fee as he could not provide a diagnosis. That is honesty. With sameday service, I paid a little over 120.00 did not even get a diagnosis and had to take a couple of hours off work. It took me 15 mins and 14.00 in parts to fix it my self. I would give 0 stars if I have an option.