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  • Blooming Creations Florist 8035 Culebra Rd , Ste 102, San Antonio, TX 78251 (210) 520-1005

    1 stars Posted on 05/06/2010 05:02pm

    What a horrendous experience!! As a high end florist in Denver, I know flowers. Arrangement that arrived looked nothing like the Teleflora stock photo! Designer used tons of cheap greenery (leatherleaf) to hold everything in place (her exact words). It looked 'super market' cheap. I paid $75 and got more greenery than quality flowers. I think whomever designed it had no eye for color and proportion! In addition, it took 5 hrs to delivery 1.5 miles and in upper 80 Texas heat. Stems were cut way too short, barely reached into the vase and by following morning some flowers were already wilting. Hydrangea and stock bit it within 24 hrs as predicted due to the long delivery time all the time in hot van! When my recipient called to resolve problem, owner was rude, unprofessional and blamed the customer. Florist stated that flowers can be out of water for up to 10 hrs without any problems... absolutely absurd! Buyer beware if you shop here! You do not know what you will get, but you will definitely get heartburn! Promise you that! Owner should read her own guarantee posted on her website... 100% customer satisfaction! More like 100% customer dissatisfaction!!!!