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  • Western Pest Services (888) 314-5910

    1 stars Posted on 06/30/2012 02:33pm

    This is an absolutely horrible company.

    Let's forget the whole "Call the pest management company a couple times a day to even get a reasonable appointment for them to exterminate bed bugs." (What was unreasonable was that they scheduled us for a week after they had done an inspection while we were getting eaten alive by bed bugs.) Fast forward to last Saturday the 23rd of June 2012 when they said they would come for a followup treatment but never showed up. They never even called or contacted anyone here at the apartment complex. I waited in my house for 9 hours doing nothing -- just waiting for them-- and no one came. THEN they tried to say that a neighbor in the apartment complex hadn't properly bagged his/her apartment in order to even TRY charging the leasing office the whole fee. It took them a week to reschedule the appointment for THIS Saturday, the 30th of June. They apparently came at 7:45 AM on a SATURDAY when the leasing office opened at 10AM. The obviously couldn't get the key to the apartment at that time. They apparently knocked and then left when there was no answer. We were up at 7am and heard nothing. Western also failed to notify the other tenants in the building, which is THEIR responsibility. You cannot expect people to make extensive changes to their living space (ie. bagging everything they own as per guidelines for bed bug treatment) unless you give them advance notice.

    END REMARK: If you keep NOT treating a bed bug infestation, the bed bugs are going to feed on you and procreate. Western was irresponsible, uncaring, and ineffective at treating our bed bug problem. If they do not get their act together, we WILL file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau since they seem like they are ONLY looking out for themselves and trying to make more money by EXTENDING OUR PROBLEM.