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  • Walgreens (800) 925-4733

    5 stars Posted on 08/23/2009 06:21pm

    We needed a Dr on a Sunday and Walgreens was one of the few places (other than the expensive and busy local ER) that was open. We arrived very near their closing time, but despite that check in was quick and easy and they were pleasant and respectful. The Dr. gave excellent input, seemed to care not only about the 'job' but about my son and myself as a person. Gave my teenaged son age-appropriate advise and no lectures on what we had done wrong....just gave us the correct info for next time. Was even patient with a fidgety preschooler who was with us. Also touched on some points / gave advise on issues we were concerned with that had nothing to do with the reason for our visit. When she gave us the prescriptions she even recommended we go to a different location to have the antibiotic filled since that place would fill it free of charge. All in all a much better visit than I anticipated. Cost was about standard, actually less than I was anticipating. Will definitely use them again.
  • Mr Weebee's Pets 4903 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL 34652 (727) 846-7660

    5 stars Posted on 07/26/2008 04:01pm

    Knowledgaeble staff and a wide range of supplies combined with the lowest prices I've found in this area. They breed many of the pets they sell and really do care for their animals. Excellent pond set-up in the back. Well worth checking out!