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  • McCormick's Family Dining 305 Independence Ave, Kennett, MO 63857 (573) 888-4909

    2 stars Posted on 02/17/2012 03:26pm

    The food at McCormick's is fresh but they still feel the need to serve processed entrees. For the most part, the food has flavor and the service is excellent. Their pies and cakes are the best in town. McCormick's should move to an all "homemade" menu and totally remodel the interior.
  • Las Margaritas 300 Independence Ave, Kennett, MO 63857 (573) 888-5685

    1 stars Posted on 02/17/2012 03:19pm

    Las Margaritas is what many Kennettites might consider to be "good" to "excellent". It's probably one of the newer restaurants in town. The problem is that the chef/cook has absolutely no imagination. The food is dull and lacks texture. Everything tastes the same. The red sauce, which they put on everything, tastes like it came from a can. The seasonings do not vary from dish to dish. Regardless of what you order, it all tastes the same ....... dull and bland.