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  • Crushcrete Inc 1965 Silvex Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18015 (610) 865-1898

    1 stars Posted on 02/24/2012 05:41am

    First off I wish no stars was an option for the rating. I honestly can not stand the employees that work there. The apparent manager is the most rude person I have ever dealt with. The other day I went there, gave the lady a check, then waited exactly 42 minutes for the mean loading guy to arrive when I see no one around doing anything. When he finally showed up he got a scoop of stone and then sat there looking at me with disgust. He gave me no instrustions on whether to back up or move or anyting. Usually the loader will gladly tell you to back up or whatever so they can easily load me. But this guy was shaking his head not telling me what to do. After a few minutes I raise my hand in the what the heck motion, he finally tells me to back up as he is shaking is head and saying god knows what under his breath. I was extremely disrespected and unable to comprehend why a worker would treat a customer like this. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU CAN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IT IS UNBELIEVEABLE! There are many more stories of my bad experiences. One more is they close early when they say they close at 3:30 they don't like you even getting there at 3:10. I showed up yesterday at 3:10 and that same guy started giving me attitude about how they were closing and how I should hurry up and dump my load and move my truck. I would never treat a customer like this.