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  • Sunshine Taxi 2802 Shorewood Dr, McHenry, IL 60050 (815) 578-9111

    1 stars Posted on 12/17/2013 04:00pm

    Tried to book a cab from McHenry to the Milwaukee Airport on Christmas day, the guy (Curtis) told me that it's $90 with a credit card and he would have someone call me to book it.

    Tamara called me about 10 minutes later and told me it's $125. As this is a company trip, i have to get expenses approved. I told her i had to call her back because i was approved for $90, not $125. I spoke to my company and gave them a call back, i got Curtis on the line again, he said to call "boss lady" and gave me her cell phone number and that he's approving my trip for $90 on Christmas day.

    I got back in touch with Tamara and she said she just spoke with him as well and he never said that. I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH HIM.

    Then she called him again (I can hear every word lady!) and then says that he never said that and the customer sitting with him confirmed it.

    I told her fine - if you're not going to do it whatever, i need to get the cab booked.

    She then started with "Isn't your company paying for all of this!?"

    That's beside the point.

    Her words then "well we're a small company and you're trying to nickle and dime us"


    I was told one price and you then gave me another, after speaking with the orginal person MOMENT before you, i was told the incorrect price AGAIN

    Finally i asked if she wanted my business or not, i agreed to the stupid $125 price. She said "you know what, no we don't, he said not to take it"

    FINE, i'll go elsewhere.

    I understand im pulling someone from their family to take me to the airport but i'm also having to work on the holiday so i'm in the SAME BOAT. I WOULD LOVE to sit at home with MY FAMILY. We all have crap to do - GROW UP