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  • Discount Drug Mart (330) 725-2340

    1 stars Posted on 04/09/2014 05:00pm

    i am disabled my heart is only 10% functioning our drinking water has too much iron in it so once a month we go to discount drug mart to get our drinking water .all the machines outside the store take there at 7:30 am was waiting for store to opern so i could get a roll of quarters.the maNAGER SHOWS UP AT 10 MINUTES TILL 8 SAID I CAN'T BE HERE I SAID ITS 10 TILL 8 WANT TO GET A ROLL OF QUARTERS SO I CAN GET SOME DRINKING WATER .SO I WAITYED AND WAITED AT 803 AM THEY OPEN BUT WOULD NOT SELL ME A ROLL OF QUARTERS SO I HAD TO WALK ACCROSS THE STREET TO GET SERVICE THE PERSON THAT REFUSED TO SELL ME A ROLL OF QUARTERS WAS RUDE HER NAME WAS GRACE. LOCATED ON STATE ROUTE 59 KENTY OHIO SUCH POOR SERVICE THINK WILL FIND ANOTYHER PLACE TO DO MY MONTHLY SHOPPING SADLY .TO BAD YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE TURNING CUSTOMERS AWAY .