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  • Henry Ford Medical Center-Columbus 39450 W 12 Mile Rd, Novi, MI 48377 (248) 244-6688

    1 stars Posted on 04/11/2013 12:24pm

    Henry Ford Health System has continued on a downward spiral since my introduction to this particular system. The only place that has pleasant staff is Canton, the rest of the locations I have been to have staff where I can feel the attitude before the person beings talking.

    My most recent interaction with Bev in the Podiatrist office at the Columbus Center was horrific. The Henry Ford health system should really thank her for her “excellent service” because I am now pulling my family out of this system. We will establish elsewhere and take any future issues to providers who do not have staff that become hostile when asked to perform duties of their job, or asked why they chose not to do a part of their job. Bev showed me a level of disrespect and blatant ignorance that is unacceptable. Once she finally stopped speaking so could explain what I needed, it was apparent she did not listen to me because her response had nothing to do with what I had just explained. My need was not complicated, a rather simple one sided form for the physician to complete

    It is amazing to me that people like Bev are in customer service because it is crystal clear that you hate your job and have no concern for the patient that is in front of you. When information is sent to your office and nothing is done with it until past the time limit, it makes people upset as time limits are set for a reason…. Bev should know that. After this, I can see where Bev’s priorities are, keeping up her extremely long, professional looking nails and figuring what she is going to eat next. You should not be in customer service because you are awful in this field. I am sorry that your life is so terrible that it turn makes you a miserable, disrespectful, negative presence, I feel for those who work with you and any patient unlucky enough to cross your path.

    Dr. Solway has yet to return any phone calls, obviously a sign of a real "professional".
  • One Under Bar & Grill 35780 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48154 (734) 464-5555

    1 stars Posted on 04/10/2013 08:32am

    Michigan vs Syracuse…Called@ 12 pm for beer specials ($3 u-call-its) so I made reservation for 6 people. We arrived & were seated @ table for only 4 w/chairs. Told the hostess my reservation for 6 people & she stated no other tables or chairs available. Looking around I saw many tables empty for later reservations with unoccupied chairs. She said those chairs are excuse me? Did I not have a reservation???? Looking around more I also saw a chair holding open mens room door, another outside on the unused patio yet no chairs available.

    Hostess was an absolute joke!! She tried to give me a line about how she isn’t the one who handles the reservations & does “this stuff”…finally she said they sometimes book more than they can accommodate. DING!DING!DING! Give her a gold star or something shiny to play with.

    Ordered a black & tan...20 mins later waitress came back & said we aren’t making that...I’ve ordered this here before..what’s the issue now?? Specials were starting @ 9pm (however I wasn’t told that when I first called). Promptly at 9pm waitress said the manager pulled the specials & they’re not doing those anymore. BAIT & SWITCH!! Your place is completely packed for this game & u yank the specials knowing if people leave it will be extremely difficult to find a place to watch this game. Is that legal?..Definitely shady!!! YOUR BEER IS WAY OVERPRICED AS IT IS!

    We got the tab, specifically asked for Brian who is the manager/owner to speak with us. He would not come over to our table. Way to man up & explain the situation.…oh wait…you didn’t!!

    Extremely delighted I haven’t given the banquet room deposit…I will NEVER associate w/your shady business again!